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Duck Potato
Sagittaria Latifolia


The Wapato Duck Potato is a very good all around wild duck food Canada geese, swan, and all ducks. The species of wild ducks which will feed upon Wapato depends largely upon the water conditions under which it grows. If the waters remain nearly the same level the year around, mallards and other shallow water ducks will feed upon the tender shoots, tubers and seeds which it produces.

The Arrowhead is probably one of the easiest aquatic plants to get started. It is a favorite of ducks and geese. It will grow in a damp muddy soil to 2 feet of water. It is an emergent that grows 2 to 4 feet tall. Ducks and geese will eat the tubers of the plant. It is also a favorite of muskrats.


The tubers (or bulbs) are planted in the Spring. These tubers are larger than the Sago Pondweed or Wild Celery, so they can be pushed directly into the soil 2 or 3 inches. They are very buoyant, so make sure that they are secure so they do not float to the surface. Seed can be planted in the Spring or Fall.

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