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Zizania Aquatica
Wild Rice Seed


Mallards, pintails, teal and geese will fly miles to a Wild Rice Marsh. In the Fall they will find the ripened seed that has fallen the water, along with a hiding place among the tall growth of the Wild Rice plant. A pond planted with Wild Rice will make a permanent feeding area for waterfowl. The Wild Rice is a re-seeding annual and will replenish itself each Fall.

Suggested planting time is in the Spring. If you have ducks or geese that migrate through your area, wait until the majority of them have gone through, so they do not eat all the seed right away. It can be planted in late Fall, again after migration. If planted in the Fall, you want to make sure that the water has cooled down so that the seed will not germinate until Spring.

Wild Rice is best planted in water 6 to 18 inches deep. It must be covered by water for the first 6 weeks of its growing season. When first growing it will look like grass laying on the water. Eventually it will stand up and start growing out of the water. It will reach a height of 5 to 8 feet tall.

Wild Rice does not like a stagnant water. It grows best with some water flow, an inlet or an outlet or springs coming into the pond. If the pond is larger than 3 acres of surface water, usually there is enough wind action to keep the rice growing.

Suggested planting rate is 25 to 40 pounds per acre. It depends how thick you want the growth the first year.

The seed is planted by scattering it on top of the water. The seed will naturally sink to the bottom. We suggest you take a tree branch or a rake and stir the seed with the bottom soil so it is slightly covered. You can also take a handful of seed an mix it with some wet mud to make a mud/rice balls and drop them into the water.

The Wild Rice will have an odor, but it is not spoiled. That is just its natural odor





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